Squeezable Sunday.


wpid-20141207_143901.jpgIt has been one of those weekends. You know things aren’t too bad but they aren’t too great either. When you have days like that sometimes all that you can do is snuggle the pet. The pet who is closest and willing to be squished.
My big ol man was the volunteer. He actually came to me. And then I grabbed him.


wpid-img_20141207_144022.jpgIt was a snuggly kind of day.  He looks so happy there.
Today we did get to Target as an adventure.
I found some cute flats.


A girl can never have enough shoes and they has a 2 for $30 deal. And I really was good. Waiting until after Christmas  for anything else.


There were also these little sweet necklaces.
But, I was good. I waited.
Then I got to the Christmas  candy aisle and well…I have bags of chocolate  I really didn’t need. But I mean….chocolate.  Chocolate  is an essential  part of the food pyramid  right?

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