Spring clean with Haute Trader!

imagevia Hautetrader.com

image via Hautetrader.com

Hi there friends and Happy happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a MARVELOUS week so far, me? I am trying to keepthe house clean and that seems like a never ending task of laundry,dishes, and toys everywhere. #momlife
Today on the blog I want to talk about another way of shopping for your fave brands and designers. Haute Trader. Haute Trader is this new and exciting way to get high end designer goodies by means of trading. Haute Trader is a great way to keep the items in your closet on rotation. If you have a certain item and are sick of it, instead of it collecting dust bunnies, trade it for something new. So how does it work?

Simply trade your item, for instance if you have a Zac Posen you can trade that for something of equal value and get points for your next item! You get Haute-Points for every trade you make and that makes this even better, doesn’t it? You can use the points for another item, so really it is a win, win, and win situation with Haute Trader. The trading system helps keep that closet revolving and no cash is needed for trade. It all via the trade and points system. You get the full value for the item. And designers are based on different tiers.

There are 4 tiers to this system, this is how you will know how much something is worth. So if it is a tier 4 you can get 400 points and use that for another tier 4 item. You can buy something via trade or using Haute-Points. There is a trade fee for trades of non premium there is a $25 fee and for premium it is $50. Shipping covered through Haute Trader.

There are different options for trade too.
Item for item, where you trade an item for an item. 2for 1 where you trade 2 items for 1 item, Item and Haute-points; you trade an item and use your Haute points, and lastly Straight Haute-Points.
When you list it is important to know that items can not be older than 7rs and gently used. They have a great list of designers they trade with and the list is available here.

Diane Von Furstenburg shirt Haute trader

So Get ready for some Spring Cleaning and start trading today!

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Be sure take a look at how it works with this Marvelous video by Haute Trader!
This post is in collaboration with Haute Trader, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for reading and supporting GFD, without you it wouldn’t be possible! Much love!!!


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