Spending Black Friday on the couch Shopping online.

So Black Friday is in full swing, and the stores are crazy! We went to Best Buy last nice to see how busy it was, and not a spot to park. There were so many people parked illegally and so driving around the parking lot was a nightmare. One hand I love seeing stores busy, on the other, what a hassle for us. Me being pregnant, our son being sensitive to the loud noise and craze that would be his favorite place to shop. And my hubby’s general retail distain from when he worked retail eons ago. Mine too, work a Black Friday or two in a retail setting you will appreciate those associates more and more. I appreciate you just know.

So, today if you read my last blog post here., will know I am having a rough time of the day. I am having the fun tummy troubles and my hip is being stupid again. SO, I am on the couch feet up and snuggling with my son who is also having an off day. We are allowed those once in a while. So, what does one do on a Black Friday not going out? Shop our fave stores online from the couch! And I just finished shopping around Sephora snatching up some great deals on my fave brands and making a mental note of what to tell Santa hubby I want for Christmas. Who wouldn’t want the YSL makeup set? OK, maybe a few, but a $10 tarte set is something you can not pass up and I love love love tarte. And as a gamer I love that Sonic the Hedgehog mask from Glamglow!

sephorablackfriday dealsshop my picks:

The things on this shopping collage are all things I have in my cart and or am wanting as a Christmas gift or to give as one. I love that Sephora is having such great sales! And while I was shopping for that I was also looking for new shoes for the hubby from Macy’s which is where he gets a lot of his work suits and shoes. They have men’s shoes on sale and shirts for up to $19.99 . Then of course I started looking at the Carter’s stuff for the kids. Shopping for baby boy 2 and tiny child, it is something I can not avoid doing. And yeah I don’t have a girl but some of the dresses are so darn pretty. And I put those in the collage for you girl moms!

Black friday macy's door buster dealsshop the looks:

And then of course I was shopping around looking at all the things I can not fit into right now. But love them anyway. Look at those velvet dresses and the jackets! I just want them all!
Black Friday Macy's
Shop the looks:


  • wendee November 25, 2017 at 3:30 PM

    those kids outfits are so cute
    The Glossychic

    • Stephanie November 25, 2017 at 3:46 PM

      aren’t they?! I love them! kids clothes have come such a long way!


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