Sparkly shoes and Christmas socks?

Today would be one of those days where I get up get dressed and make phone calls then rush to get my little one to the park before it becomes too hot to breath. Or at least too hot for someone who when the temp soars eczema flares. I picked out my outfit today, determined to wear my newish Sophie and Trey shoes, as well as get my mom bum to the park with my little one. I wore an oldie but goodie H&M striped tee and Target black work pants. You know the magical pants that love cat glitter(cat hair). Then to cover my “mom hair” I wore my wool Express hat. I need to touch up my roots, but we wont tell anyone that right?

20151217_104225Ahh yes, hiding my most AWESOME hair day ever! It really isn’t. However my makeup looks awesome!


I am also wearing my Happiness Boutique necklace! Love it! So sparkly and pretty, makes me feel like such a queen when I wear it. Super fancy.


Now, if you look at my feet, which isn’t something I really thought about until AFTER I looked down, you will see some red poking out of my shoes.

Express hat, sophie and trey shoes, HM shirt and happiness boutique necklace

-*Shirt: (old) hm similar here // Pants:(old) similar here // shoes Sophie and Trey // Necklace c/o Happiness boutique// hat EXPRESS/


So, I am wearing Christmas socks..yup. Like a big ol’ dork. I forgot in my hurry to get my child to the park, to take off my socks. Oh well. There are moments where you just put your kid in the stroller and throw on your shoes! I have been know to walk out of the house in slipper socks in my shoes…Yeah. #momybrain






Oh well, call me queen of Dorkmas. Hahaha. Today’s outfit was definitely surrounded by the idea of comfort. As was my outfit yesterday. Comfort was key. We all have those moments where comfort over rules anything else we just want to be snuggly and happy. Am I right? The mosquitos were horrendous as always , and the bug spray was not with me. Always fun. Anyways, Just thought I would share this look really quick and then crash for a nap, because being up all night is always fun.

Might as well take advantage of his nappy time right?

Take care friends!



  • Carrieslifestyle December 18, 2015 at 5:10 AM

    so in love with your shoes

    • Stephanie December 18, 2015 at 9:37 AM

      THanks CArrie!!!! I am so glad I got them when they were on sale. I am hoping I can get the others on sale too!

  • Cara December 18, 2015 at 11:33 AM

    Haha love that you are wearing Christmas socks! You still look cute, regardless!

    • Stephanie December 18, 2015 at 1:48 PM

      I forgot I was wearing them. But it’s ok! This the season!! 🙂


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