Some times you got to play in the rain.

Hello Gofashiondeals friends! How the heck are ya? Good I am hoping! And if from the USA hope you are getting ready for loads of turkey and holiday insanity later this coming week.

I know I am.

Today’s post is featuring that favorite skirt of mine from Shabby Apple. I adore the Racer Skirt. As I have become super fond of midi skirts. It is a cute style of skirt and they can always be useful and super feminine. I had to do some alterations though. And now it fits perfectly. When I ordered it I was between sizes. Six mile walks every day will do that to you. As well as chasing a toddler. I never sit still.

I do not know how. And when I am sick it is worse. I am back to being normal. Well, OK as normal as I can be. Look at my Pinterest and decide for yourself. And wow this post is going in a totally weird direction. BACK TO THE FASHION GIRL ,GOSH! Alright, alright.

Skirt Shabby Apple here Shirt HM similar here Shoes Michael Antonio Jewelry Givenchy here Umbrella HM Lipgloss Chanel here

Skirt Shabby Apple here
Shirt HM similar here
Shoes Michael Antonio here
Jewelry Givenchy similar here
Umbrella HM
Lipgloss Chanel similar here

It was a day of dancing in the rain. And it was a day of sinking in the mud. It wasn’t even a full rain. It was a fakey rain that was unsure of itself and decided it was going to mist and not commit to a full blown rain.


I still was able to eventually get outside to see if pictures would work and they did!


I paired the skirt with a striped crop sweater today. The shoes made me sink so, I put them aside.  I love how versatile this skirt truly is. You can pair with many different tops and shoes. I am trying to find the right kind of leopard top to go with it. It is a long process. I do wish there were more colors of this skirt. I could totally go for a black skirt like this or a navy one. OH imagine a pink skirt in this material and style! YES PLEASE and take my money Shabby Apple.


I love showing versatility of pieces in my wardrobe, one thing I do a lot of is shop my closet. And why not, there are some good pieces in there. I want people to see you CAN pair a this with that or something like that. Do we really need to post new clothes ALL the time? No. If you think about it there are a lot of combinations waiting in that dresser or closet. Just got to figure it out. I have seen many bloggers do the same. Although, I do love shopping.


We love our outdoor time. My hair was straight by the way. But the weather decided it was going to be whatever you call that there. I do my photos outside with my little guy. It is a way for him to get play outside in and I get to do pictures as well as interact with my crazy boy.

All I need now are some woodland creatures to come up and start singing with me. Am I right?

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