Social distance// Herve Leger

Well we are all now more at home. All of us wishing we went to the beach more, a lake more, restaurants more, vacation more. The list goes on and on. We took for granted the little bits of freedom and now going to the grocery store is treats. We sit here eye rolling at celebrities as they talk about togetherness. They sit in mansions, many of us regular folk sit In smaller spaces. No million dollar courts or theaters in our houses. I get what they are trying to, I understand it.But their entitlement may come off as pretentious. Pretentious to those who are now wondering how they will be able to afford the small space they live in as they have no job. It is really hard not to roll my eyes and say “it is easy for them to say as they sit in their hot tubs or their gorgeous spacious homes.”
Must be nice.

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