Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter

Simple winter outfits for a mild winter.

Simple maternity outfit for a mild winterFlorida has some mild winters for sure. Last year we were still seeing days of 90 degree weather in December. Our winter was basically non existent here, we had the never ending summer. But, this year, we have the winter we should be having. Cold as the north in the night and chilly during the day. Basically a fall day for anyone in Missouri or some summer days in upstate New York. Over the summer there were days where it was in the 70’s and higher 60’s,and we LOVED it! That, however, is our winter here in Florida. So for today’s outfit, I wanted to share how we in Florida dress in winter. Really this outfit would work for up north too, just get a heavier coat than a jacket and be sure to wear gloves and a hat.

Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #style


jacket: Target (old) similar// Shirt Bush hot topic similar//Scarf// Leggings TARGET//

shoes Target// Earrings Givenchy// lips Too Faced Melted


For this outfit, I opted for my usual black and white wear, I just can never get away from those outfits. The staples for me, and this was a day where I was feeling less that optimal. My hip was bothering me again and I had some of the awesome nausea. Plus, add the gigantic feeling. I feel so out of place, and uncomfortable. I felt that way with my first and I feel that way again. Actually I have felt that way this whole pregnancy. I hate feeling good for an hour only to feel like I want to curl up in a ball and cry about how uncomfortable and miserable I am. OK, so hence the leggings again! I swear I live in leggings, I may wear dresses and such, but I end up in Yoga pants and leggings by the end of the day. Comfort is more important than the more fashionable side of things and when you feel like a Goodyear blimp walking around you just do not care. And so wear baggy crap, because that is how you feel. The plus side is I am OK, to exercise now again. And that makes me feel a bit better, but that bump. OUCH. Every movement this little nugget makes hurts. I don’t recall my first baby feeling this way when it was this late in the game. He kicked the hell out of me, sure, but his basic movements didn’t feel so uncomfortable.

Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleWait, I am supposed to be talking about fashion aren’t I? UGH, I went on a tangent. I am so sorry. But, my blog is where I share my thoughts as well as outfit of the day. OR “this is what I am wearing.” There is more to my outfits than that really, and this one was thrown together in a basic whiney I want to be comfy walking and on the couch. Plus I can hide my maternity belt. I cant hide that maternity belt with a dress. I have to wear it over it, because I can not drive with it on or sit with it on. It is a no no for me to do that, according to my physical therapists.

Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleSimple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #style

So, for comfort reasons I went for this simple outfit. A basic pair of non Maternity leggings from Target that I sized up from a xs to a medium and large. It was cheaper than getting a pair of maternity leggings that I have to chronically pull up. Like Sally O’Malley on SNL when she yells “I’m 50! I’m 50 years old!” and then she hikes up her bright red waist high pants.


Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #style

And then I wore my BUSH band tee and because it was chilly I wore light weight jacket and a cute white cotton scarf. I also brought out my fave Target slip on sneakers. I love the bow detail and the fact they are so comfortable! In fact even my makeup was not the usual, I just wore my It Cosmetics powder and some mascara. Really simple for a winter outfit, but does it need to be over the top to be stylish? No. No it does not! It can be easy to wear and still look good. I am a firm believer that comfy can be cute.

Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleSimple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleSimple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleSimple maternity outfit for a mild winter #fashion #styleShop my outfit!

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  • Nicole at High Latitude Style December 15, 2017 at 3:35 AM

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Your graphic Tee is so cool!

    • Stephanie December 18, 2017 at 6:08 PM

      Thank you so much! I love it!

  • Jessica December 21, 2017 at 6:40 PM

    I’m all for outfits that are comfy and cute! Especially when pregnant!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    • Stephanie December 24, 2017 at 12:55 AM

      me too!!


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