Showing off the new handbag.

Today’s blog post is brought to you by COFFEE! Lots of coffee and yoga pants. I am exhausted, nothing is more fun than potty training a tiny child. Let me tell you it is soooo much fun.

I was having a rough day as was the little man. We just can’t get it together, this whole potty training nonsense. Anyways, I needed a break as I am sure the tiny child did too. We went for our walk and saw in the mail a package from as well as some much needed Jetfuel coffee for hubby. I new it was the handbag I ordered for myself.



The bag is a pretty white faux leather bag with laser cut details. It is pretty sturdy and can be worn  with a strap as a cross body.IMG_3521.JPG

Or it can be carried as an over sized clutch.IMG_3514.JPG

Ohh look at those yoga pants! You are lucky I have makeup on. HA.

The bag is bigger than I expected, but the more modern design caught my attention.The handbag can hold many things like: sippy cups, diapers, dinosaurs, and maybe my wallet.

It is perfect for spring and summer. And since it is only $39.95 VIP it wont drain the bank by getting one.  And they have a great deal going on at Justfab. New Member Sale: 2 Shoes for $39.95



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