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Shopping Sunday. Spring fashion PRADA

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Hello friends! It is time for another round of Shopping Sunday! I know it has been a long time coming. But in order to write a blog post before I pass out at 8 PM, I have to write at like 4-6AM! I am up that early with the baby feeding him his bottle and then pumping. For like an hour. The joys of being a mom and having a new baby.

Prada outfit. PRADA dress. PRADA SHOES PRADA BAG PRADA earrings PRADA bootsDress//sunglasses// boots//card holder//handbag//earrings

So, this spring I have been looking for the perfect thing to wear for Easter, or for spring in general. You may remember my blog post on spring dresses. I saw that PRADA had been using a lot of pastels, like greens and yellows and pinks. As well as something more cutesy,bunnies.

Yes, bunnies. But in a more high fashion kind of way.

PRada for spring.prada clothing prada handbags prada shoespink blouse//bunny crossbody//sunglasses// blue skirt// pink skirt//

pants//blue shoes//gold heels// green velvet platform

I love that a lot of this collection is so soft but also hold that very essence that is PRADA. These are pieces that I would personally love to own. And if I could, own all the PRADA collections! A girl can dream right?


PRADA handbags and accessories for springAnd Dream a dream I will, as long as in that dream I can wear some PRADA.  A PRADA outfit like the ones in this very blog post. That last outfit is so cute and really reflects some of my style.

PRada spring outfit. Sweater// skirt//bag//shoes//necklace//sunglasses



What do you think of some of the pieces in this super charged spring fashion post?

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  • Kellyann Rohr March 6, 2018 at 5:50 PM

    Thanks for sharing this with us for our first Sunday Showcase!

    • Stephanie March 11, 2018 at 6:22 AM

      thank you!


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