Shopping Saturday, time to save save save!

Yeah, I was the girl in line at Target taking forever at checkout. With my stack of coupons I was on fire! I did amazingly well, until I got outside and realized I forgot to use my Target cartwheel. Yay. I am so awesome like that! So, go figure I could have saved extra, I always forget something. Like stamps. I always forget stamps!

Ok, there were some great deals and steals today in grocery land. I got the Hefty on sale for $6.95 and used a coupon I had printed from my site for $1.25 off. $5.70 for the box minutes an additional 5% for having the Redcard debit. My milk(not shown) was free after two boxes of Raisin Bran with a coupon, I also had an Ibotta offer off a dollar back and a rebate from checkout51 for the same.I had some great Catalina’s for my Gerber baby foods. The mouth was was on sale for $2.99 I had a $1.00 off Target coupon and I am sure I had an extra mouth wash coupon somewhere, but couldn’t find it this morning. I had some left over Garnier Fructise coupons Valued at $2 each and got 4 bottles of the stuff for .99 cents each. The Mitchum deodorant was on sale for $2.67 a stick, I had a coupon worth $2 off. Each deodorant was .67 cents. The Secret was a stick for $2.47 and I had a coupon from the manufacturer for $2 off just for writing to them. The French’s Mustard was an unadvertised deal,originally $5 Target had it on sale for $1.25 and I had a coupon for .75 cents off. Each bottle only cost .50 cents. Then the items I was most excited about(call me a dork) was the Iams cat food and the Windex. Ok so, Target has a coupon for $1.00 off the Windex touch ups . Then There is a printable coupon for $1.00 off, this is a mfc. You combine two Target sc’s and one mfc, with the mfc bogo coupon. The Windex is $3.49 in Fl, so you used the $3 worth of coupons and only have to pay …….. $.49 for TWO. Seriously, if you hung on to those Windex coupons from a couple of papers ago you too can be rolling in kitchen or bathroom cleaner. I love this deal! Ok then the next one is the cat food. Target has the small cans of Iams cat food on sale for $.59 a can. You can print an Iams coupon for $2 off three. I made $.23 off each set of three, which goes towards my other items.Neat right? I am giving them away to a friend as my cats don’t eat them. I never just put things in my stock pile to just “look pretty”. I also stocked up on coffee creamer for hubby. $3.98 for two there was a Target printout for $1 off two combine that with the mfc from last Sunday paper and it is only $1.75 for two creamers. Or $.87 (rounded) per creamer, if you like it that way. Then there is the Glade candles stuff. Yes, I am going to discuss it. Each one was $2.99 total was $5.98 I had a coupon for $1.50 from Target. I also had a mfc of $1 off. Each set was $3.45 or $1.74 each and yes there were Cw offers and Ibotta. *sobs quietly*
I got the Alexia potatoes with a Target coupon and two mfc so $3 off of them making it $5.58 for both and there was a 25% off CW. Bahhh. Would have been $4.19, oh barnacles!
Over all I spent $180 after coupons and Redcard it was only $70 (before tax) so not bad. Not bad at all. You need to coupon. It only takes one transaction and you are hooked. Not only hooked but kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.


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