structured handbags

Shopping Edit: Structured handbags

structured handbags

Hi there friends! Happy Thursday! I just figured I would post a quick shopping edit. And just say one thing I JUST WANT ONE WEEK OF NOT BEING SICK OR INJURED! Oh my god, I screwed my neck up in my sleep. I have no idea what happened. Just that it did and I hate life right now. SO, anyways.I wanted to bring some structure back to the blog. And speaking of structure, I am talking about structured bags. Sleek, professional looking and also great all around bags. These should be a staple for EVERYONE. Especially handbag lovers like myself. There is just something so classic about these bags. And they never go out of style. Timeless. But, you don’t have to break the bank if you can not get something like the Prada Saffiano bag, JUSTFAB has one similar. LOOK!

It is called ALUCARD. Now read that backwards. Heheheheheheheheheheh.

OK. I love the PRADA and if I had the $$$ for one I totally would own one. I am watching The Real Real like a hawk.  Anyways, until then a COACH or Michael Kors will do or even the ALUCARD.

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