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Hiya friends as you all know I have been posting a lot of outfits this week(except for yesterday’s) based around the great button down shirt. Not only are these great for work but play as well. I think that every lady should have a great button down blouse in the closet. Just like I think we all need a nice basic blazer! Which(gasp) I have none, since I had my son. The last I gave away after he was born because I was going through post partum depression and just was not a good time. (kicks self.) I found a great one on TheRealReal that I may invest in. Anyways, the button down, it is always classic, never goes out of style. It just gets updated. Can you imagine if it didn’t? We would all be walking around with giant lapels and shoulderpads. (by the way I am super happy that trend came and left..cause that is an earlier 90’s reminder we didn’t need.)

Poplin shirt | MANGO

MANGO has some really awesome options that are fashion forward. Not only fashion forward but super affordable.

EXPRESS has some of my most fave button down blouses ever! They are fitted and super flattering. I like too that they don’t all button all the way up to the neck. These are a bit more on the pricier side of shirts. BUT, they do last. At least for me anyways. And the blue is my fave of this line.

Primary Image of Perfect ShirtANN TAYLOR has some beautiful button down blouses available. These are great and last forever and the quality is on point. The highest of the price point but still, so good. And petite is available.

SHEIN is a store I shop a lot with, it is inexpensive fast fashion. But, I do like their clothes and I haven’t had any issues with their things so far. With shein as with any retailer shopping on line be sure to take your measurements as you don’t want something that doesn’t fit.

These are just a few of the button down shirts that I tend to gravitate towards. Of course there is also H&M they have a lot of affordable fashion too.




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