Shein floral flounced maxi dress and life lately

HOLY CRAP has it been a hot minute. Fashion week is over, and NO I didn’t go, maybe one year I will be invited and stuff. But, anyways, my hot minute is all kid related. My son’s have been in doctor offices it seems like everyday for the past several months. It has made blogging hard. It has been making me exhausted and forget to take care of me. And with all the exhausting schedule my kids keep, I have been uninspired to do anything. Except chase my son’s around with my new DSLR. OK, and chase my cat too. She is awesome.

I have been so tired, so tired and I want to get back into the blogger grind. I have been saying no to local events due to exhaustion on the weekends. I just want to lay on the couch. Part of that is PPD and the other is serious exhaustion. My baby’s apnea monitor goes off and he gets up and down all night. We are never home long enough for me to blog and then do housework which I am also behind on. And when he naps it is only 20 mins at a time. E, is nothing like his brother when it comes to that stuff. G was a great napper, G was a great all night sleeper. G, would stay where you put him. E? NO he is into everything in 5 minutes or less of being put down.

My life is chaos. My life is a hot mess.

But, you all know I would never change it for the world! Even if my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom’s are a mess. I try to clean and my hurricane 5 is behind me messing it up!

But, even with my life being a complete disaster, at least my dress isn’t. I found this dress on SHEIN not that long ago when I went on a tortured closet purge. I love the flounced top and ruffled skirt, I love the print. This dress makes me feel beautiful and that is what we want from our clothes. We want our clothes to make us feel gorgeous! And this beautiful dress does that!

And it is only 20 bucks! Which is a steal for a dress like this. This shein maxi dress is not lined, but it is OK, because if you really need a slip like this one will do the trick. And I did size up a bit. I always do with SHEIN, ZAFUL, Dresslily, Rosegal(especially), ETC.

I love it, and wore with my tried and true ALDO peep toe heels, even though with Diastis Recti I am not supposed to wear heels. I did it for the blog! I took them right off afterwards. I am not a dummy. And I have my Cult Gaia dupe from Amazon $39.99! I love these bamboo bags.

WHat do you think of this beautiful dress?!

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