Sea world ORlando

Seeing Seaworld

20160925_094611 Ahh SeaWorld Orlando, what a fun place to go! There are roller coasters, sea life and lots to do. And a lot of learning! Well, GFD went to SeaWorld and here is what happened!

Sea world ORlando

Time for  a weekend fun update! This weekend we went on a family trip to SeaWorld Orlando! SeaWorld is a fun theme park and since it is so close by we thought why not? There are rollercoasters, shops, educational stuff , and shows. So why not go and sweat to death with my family?

We OF COURSE had to go when it was hotter than the sun.


There was a lot of people there due to it bring your friends day at SeaWorld. If you had a Seasons pass you could bring a friend, or two. So, it was quite crowded. But we had a good time over all, minus the few rude hiccups here and there. People who DO NOT work there telling us how to stand in line and such. K, thanks buh bye.

20160925_100749SeaWorld has some awesome roller coasters. The MANTA! Oh my gosh, this coaster was my fave. If you want to know what it would be like to be flying like Superman, hop on the MANTA and experience it!


The Manta is a floorless coaster,it is a hanging coaster. You go in and sit down. There your ankles get strapped in and the over head bar secures you so you wont fall out. It goes from sitting postistion to basically you are on your stomach and BOOM you are off. It feels like you really are flying. The only thing I was not prepared for was the backwards G force. EESH.

After the ride we went to go see the sting rays and try to entertain the tiny child who was already sweating to death. Florida is hot people. Really hot. So dress accordingly. That means, shorts or skirts, pants if you like. Breezy tops. You may and will at some point get wet. Be sure to pack swim diapers as there is a play area for little ones by Shamu. If you plan on riding roller coasters wear shoes that may not fly off. Flipflops can possibly be stored in a storage basket near the seats. But you always have that risk of things missing. SO no flip flops. Especially on busy days, because flat tire. It is not a catwalk or situation where really high heeled shoes are really logical. Why? It is a lot of walking but also crowded. People can and WILL step on your feet. There are drain grates everywhere too, so don’t ruin the heels. Leave those for later. Logic. OK, so the stingrays!


Here you can pet the rays and they teach you about them. We went to Turtle track and the Dolphin experience after this, which is more on the Education side of SeaWorld. Which is good. You learn all about the turtles that were injured and can not be rehabilitated do to the massive injuries they got. You learn about how environment hazards hurt wildlife.


20160925_110740It was nice and AC in the Dolphin area. But it became too crowded and noisy for the tiny child and we went on more adventures.


THat was Atlantis, but we didn’t get to go on it, the wait was too long.45 mins and longer. Even for parent swap. So we found an aquarium!


The aquarium by Atlantis is a wee bit small, but it was good for a tiny one. He loved the glass bottom aquarium and the yellow fishies the most.


THe thing is when you have a toddler at a theme park is that you have to keep them entertained while entertaining yourself. It is hard at this age for some because shows like Shamu or dolphins while exciting to older,for kids at 2 and 3 it may not be as “thrilling.” They want to get down and play. They want to explore. So it is about finding that happy medium for everyone. But, you as parents have to enjoy rides too.

So what are my tips for surviving theme parks with a toddler in tow?

  1. get the souvenir refillable cup. You get cheap refills next time around and free ones same day.
  2. pack them healthy snacks. Like bananas, or apples, and oranges. Or freeze dried strawberries
  3. wet ones lots of them
  4. A cup that can keep milk cold. One of the 12hr thermoses. We could take one in the park because he is little.
  5. get one of those stroller fans!
  6. a back pack for all your crap and theirs
  7. diapers lots of them
  8. change of clothes(you never know)
  9. bandaids and Neosporin
  10. sunscreen SPRAY
  11. a map and mark the tiny child spots! and mark EACH bathroom on their. It is numbered and has symbols but if you highlight them it is easier!
  12. And know you are not the only one with a screaming kid who is mad, over heated, over stimulated, and just plain tired. You are OK!


And when it is hot, no one wants to stand still. And when it is super busy it gets harder to keep them and you happy. Especially when it is so hot that two hobbits came and threw a ring into the middle of the Theme park .

20160925_115034But, still we had fun. It was good to sweat to death with family and enjoy the sites. You can feed seals!


By the way SEALS ARE LOUD!


SO how about food there at SeaWorld,there is food but you can not bring your own unless it is for a tiny one. But how was said food at the park?

Well….it was not the greatest. Now common sense says we did not go there to eat. TRUTH. But when you order a sammich and get bread back with a sliver of meat and pay $10.79 for it you expect a bit more with it than just that! I sliced off a massive chunk of bread and still it was too much. Hurray for bread sammich. Yes waiter I shall have the bread sammich with a side of bread. The salad my hubby got was just parmesan and some dry chicken. WOW. But, like I said didn’t go there to rave about food. Went there to ride roller coasters and look at dolphins with my family.

So is SeaWorld worth going to? YES. Just go when it is not 1000 degrees out! GO in the more wintery months.

THank you for reading!

P.S> I fixed the video in the LAncome youtube video!


  • Laura September 26, 2016 at 4:55 PM

    What a fun time! Great tips on what to bring too!

    • Stephanie September 27, 2016 at 12:03 PM

      Thanks laura!!! 🙂

  • yuka September 30, 2016 at 4:05 AM

    aww looks like such a fun time! Your son is adorable!

    • Stephanie September 30, 2016 at 3:45 PM

      Thank you Yuka! He really ishuh? 🙂


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