Saylor and See by Chloe

It seems so weird to posting anything right now. But I have a feeling many people want to see something other than people talk about Covid-19. It is all over the news, so how about a break from it? Although, posting about it here will kind of be hard not to do. Since shooting at home due to it , makes it kind of hard not to talk about this thing even just a little.

Shooting from home has it advantages, no weird looks from passers by. Freedom to take as long as you need. The drawback? Kids taking the tripod, husband asking every 5 seconds “what ya doin?”


This dress is not her beauty from Rent The Runway! This beautiful Saylor dress is such a great dress for spring and summer! Heck even fall! It fits well, wearing a size 12 r. The only thing is the zipper got stuck a few times.
And this See By Chloe bag is very small, but cute!

The expo markers were super important to this little.

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