Saturday time for a book and some coffee.



So, I am still trying to read Gone With the Wind. I am only on chapter 6, and for my millionth time reading this book, I have never known it to take me this long to read. But, I love this book and it is turning into how it is for me reading the The Silmarillion . Where everyone interrupts me while I read. It is as though there is a sign on my head or above it like a SIM, that says “Please interrupt me while reading the following: Gone With the Wind, The Silmarillion,Return of the King, or Interview with a Vampire.” It is invisible to me but everyone else can see it or sense it’s presence. I just love it when that happens, don’t you? Of course you do. I am however going to sit here after I finish this post for Nablopomo and read more. And then after that try to make another batch of pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies. Little man will be taking a nap and hubby is busy with Destiny on Xbox One. PERFECT!!! It will be a great break for me, drinking my cup of Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee. Don’t judge.

How do you read with so much going on? When do you find time? Yes, I know I could read instead of playing Xbox. But, there are books in Skyrim and I get made fun of by my family(all who are gamers) for my massive Skyrim book collection in game. I have shelves and shelves full. If only I had that many in real life. Oh well, back to Gone With the Wind .

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