SAturday somethings. The Saturday Doodle Dump.

Hi friends as you know I am quite the doodler. (supervillain? THE DOODLER!) Anyways, when I get bored I doodle. Doodle anywhere so here are more of my Fashionably Gleek Comic strips for your Saturday viewing! I hope you enjoy! These comics are things that have happened or are hysterical observations I have had on mundane things whether it is standing in front of the same shoes for an hour at a store or not being able to stand how others chew. You may see it here. I draw everything on my ipad or phone with just a sketch app, while waiting for my son’s school to let out.I think the crappy drawings makes it even funnier. If you can not wait for Saturday for the sillies check out my Tumblr @gofashiondeals

I am still learning how that whole thing works.

Grocery store drama llama

THis happens all the freaking time!

Dont turn around

Thranduil did not have his coffee that morningPoor king of Mirkwood. No body informed his majesty that it was an insult. Poor Elf king. He is so cute when he pouts. I should do more pouty Thrandy.

Driving with friends



  • Molly June 4, 2016 at 4:36 AM

    I love how you’ve mastered your expressions with your eyebrows. And you don’t really have pointy ears, do you? I hadn’t noticed. Huh…maybe you really are an elf. ;p

    • Stephanie June 4, 2016 at 7:14 AM

      Thanks Molly. It’s easier to draw on paper than a phone or iPad, but it a lot of fun doing. Hahaha, my parents always told me I was different. Hahah.


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