Saturday shopping.

Hello there friends and happy Saturday! I know I haven’t posted on here since Wednesday. I wanted to, but too sick to. I feel better today, so much so that I went out of the house sans child. Yeah, my little partner in crime was at home with daddy. Hey he needs a daddy baby day.

There was a lot of this Thursday.

There was a lot of this Thursday.


I did manage to work on the design of the ole blog. What do you think? The cat, though, messed with my hand while I was working on it. So I hope it doesn’t look bad. She is a little stinker.

Anyways, I am going to go back to my shopping day. Today.

I went to The Children’s Place who is have a fantastic sale and I had rewards to use.

I went in for a pair of shoes and an outfit for the little lad.

The children's place



Yeah, I think I stuck to that. Damn you Children’s Place! So much cute! Look at those socks!
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Then I went to Victoria’s Secret for a swimsuit. A suit that fits right. And I fell in love with a mononoke suit. However, while it fit some places others it didn’t.

I did get a cute green suit and got a free sample of perfume which smells pretty good.

Love meThis could be my new fave.

And then there was Express. 40% off sale store wide!



This is just one bit. I saw this skirt and fell in love with it! I got a chiffon shirt in bright blue as well as an off the shoulder top. I can’t wait to wear this!!



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