H&M white ruffle shirt

Ruffles and kindness.

H&M white ruffle shirt

Shirt: H&M

Hi there friends!!! Well, I was able to finally get this shirt up on the bloggeroo. What shirt? This beautiful and simple H&M ruffle top. It has a ruffle high collar and small ruffles at the sleeves, which is a great piece for those who do a minimalist fashion. The shirt is something that also pays homage to the backwards top trend. It has the illusion of that in the back. (By the way I kept spelling back as Bach..) It is such an ultra femme shirt without being overly so. A new take on the basic white work shirt.

This shirt in all its glory while exceptional in the world of fashion was not that great in the beginning. Why you ask? Well, the size. The freaking size. Ladies, if you have a busty bust you will and should go up not one not two but 3 sizes. YES. 3 sizes. I went up 3 sizes because the top was allowing me to move my beloved arms. Basically you could T-rex it and not much else, unless of course you want to loose circulation in the arm area and while your at it show your stomach and cover your face with shirt.


OOTDI’m not saying the shirt is a no go, at all, but as far as sizing H&M messed up here with it. I am being honest. I love the look of the shirt, and once I got past returning it, i mean exchanging it I was very happy with the look of the shirt. It fit better. But, I worry how it will fit on others.

I will still link to it if, and such.

H&M ruffles

Now that that is out of the way, I want to talk Kindness here. Something that I noticed in my adventures in waiting rooms. As a mom with a child who has ASD we(and I mostly mean me) spend a lot of time in waiting rooms. Waiting on him while he is in therapies. And today, it just was like hmm…You may have seen a sneaky peak of these sleeves on my insta @gofashiondeals


Anyways, an elderly person was in a wheelchair and they were trying to get into the office so I opened the door and held it. Because that is what you do. Common courtesy and I would hope that someone would do the same for me. (they don’t, even when I have a stroller) So each time I helped someone they always seemed shocked. I have been wondering why that is? Is common kindness being forgotten? I certainly hope not, I have a hard time believing it is dead. It is a nice thing to do for anyone. Especially when it is a pain to get those contraptions in the doors anyways; the person pushing the wheelchair will thank you, the mother or father with a stroller will thank you. It doesn’t take much to hold the door. It is an act of kindness that people appreciate and too often gets over looked. little things like that can make someone’s day that much better. Really. It’s true.

SO, hold the door.

AND Now look what I did

I am thinking about HODOR

Too soon, way too soon.


This post brought to by GOT anguish and ruin. As well as Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Who is ready for the next season!?

OOTD HMP.s yesterday I almost bought pink hair dye….O.o

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Shirt: H&M

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Shoes: Justfab

Bag: Justfab

Lips: Too faced melted

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