RHoBh: had to watch it twice.

Ok, so I am caught up on my fave show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And last nights episode, which I watched via iTunes, was an intriguing one. In fact I am needing to watch it twice. We begin with of course the recap of last weeks episode.

Lisa threw Ken and Mauricio a bday party at her home, and invited many of the ladies. There was a huge blowout between Carlton and Kyle. Something that from watching the show was a huge mistake. And Carlton was wrong here, not in how she felt, you can’t help how people feel. But the fact Kyle was talking about her home, well truth is from watching the show she was commenting on how someone took a poop and didn’t flush. Eww.
Anyways there seems to be a lot of emphasis on religion this season which is really taking the fun out of the season. I miss the season where everyone was getting along. I really thought this was the group to do it. Nope. I miss Camille and Taylor.
Anyways, you hear why Carlton feels the way she does and it is a valid reason, maybe things would simmer down if she actually told Kyle.

Anyways, fun stuff, Yolanda got her citizenship! Yay! Go girl! And it is awesome that she can do it after the ordeal with Lyme disease. Now she can plan Gigi’s going away party. At a home that her kids are embarrassed by. Embarrassed for being too big. That home is gorgeous.
The other thing that is great to see is Kim, Brandi,and Kyle getting along and close. Their bond is getting stronger and the bond with Lisa weaker. It will be interesting to see what goes down at the reunion.

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