Redken extreme length sealer review


Hello friends! I am trying to be proactive on the ol bloggeroo, but it’s so hard when you have your kid home sick with strep. Isn’t great when when they share it? I feel awesome! Not really, I feel like I got run overrun over by a moose. A big giant moose. Everything hurts.

so today. Today is talking about or I am supposed to be talking about Redken . You all know how much I love living proof. I went to ulta to get the living proof product and they didn’t have it. so a kind hair stylist mentioned the product above. I decided to give it a try. Redken you may have missed the mark here. So here is my review of the Redken extreme length sealer.

the packaging is nice and sleek. It is what I expected of Redken. The product smells nice too,it has a nice consistency . But here is the thing about it.

Redken extreme length review

You see that right there? That is the applicator brush.The brush is where I feel gimmic over came necessity.That is where they missed the mark . Basically you “paint” this stuff onto your hair. Um…no. You don’t . This brush doesn’t do that well or do it we’ll enough to be called painting. The bursh doesn’t penetrate my hair enough to call it a good thing. Maybe if you have straight haur, but if you are like me and have a lion mane or Merida hair it may just be better to put in your hands and then apply. I think when I get better I am going back to ULTA to have them demonstrate this product. Because, I have tried it several times since purchase and it is hard to do. I ended up putting it on my hands. I also felt like I had to use a lot of the product. And yes it did do some “sealing” I didn’t see quick results. I have read good reviews and some bad ones which is to be expected with any hair product.  What this product promises is this

help reduce the appearance of split ends. (Maybe)

Helps prevent damage and breakage.

Helps grow hair and has biotin in it. (Now this may be do to the fact it seals the hair) they also claimed with in a year . Well, they got me there. I have had it for less than a week. So I guess I will use it a bit longer. We will see. I want to get the living proof to compare.



It’s $25 a bottle. I don’t know if I will repurchase, I need to use it a bit more. But with being as sick as I am I am not sure when that will be. I do know a Dr visit is in my immediate future. Take care friends!!!


Redken is available to purchase at most hair retailers and at ULTA as well as Sephora.

Sorry for the craptastic pictures. I was shaking like a leaf while trying to blog this. I love blogging so much I even do it when sicker than hell. Love you all!


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