Recovering from Halloween. Let’s look at makeup.


I am recovering from trick or treating/Elsa bombardment. (It was fun)So I am going to write about my beauty buys.
As you know friends, I went to the Chanel counter yesterday and had my makeup done.
I love their products. Especially a certain foundation called Perfection Lumiere. This bottle of magic is actually the best foundation I have ever worn.
It stays put and doesn’t transfer. Oh,  and the coverage is amazing. A little bit goes a long way. Got to love this stuff.


The only flaw? It is a bit pricey$60 (cough, ouch). But, one thing I have learned is sometimes you have to splurge. And after making a Sith Lord costume in less than 4 days BY HAND, I figured I deserved it. Right?


And then there is my lipgloss obsession. My favorite Chanel gloss in Daydream and my new must have for anyone who loves lipstick or gloss. The ultra wear lip color. One side is a stain the other is gloss. And holy mother of coffee addicts, it stays! I saw a few fellow bloggers post pictures on Instagram of them. Had to try it and I am glad I did. For I fell in love, hard!

Yes, these items can be a bit costly for makeup but, sometimes we have to treat ourselves. And then get hooked on these things.
What are your favorite cosmetic products?

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