Reasons you really should take care of yourself.

reasons you really should take care of yourself #selflove #mentalhealth #fashionblogger
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So, it is time to talk about something really super important. Something that a lot of us, especially moms do ALL..THE..TIME. That is self neglect. Yeah, we as mom’s tend to do that, we put ourselves last. We put the family first and we come last. The family goes to the doctor and we as moms do not. For many reasons, sometimes the medical budget is used up by the other family members who need it too. Another is we feel like we can not get sick, we can not get

to a doctor. We do not give ourselves the time to go to a doctor, a dentist, the list goes on and on. We feel like it is selfish to go to take ourselves to a doctor, and then on the other hand we need it most. But no, the husband, the kids, and sometimes the dog goes first. And by the time we get to the doctor, it is too late. We end up having worse issues than if we had taken the time to get there.

We need to stop that. We need to give that outlook up!

So here are the reasons you really need to take care of yourself.

reasons you really should take care of yourself #selflove #mentalhealth #fashionblogger

You are the main caregiver of the family. If you get sick, bitch you need to get to the doctor first! If you go down who takes care of the littles and the husband. Of course the usual thing is they get sick first. Still, you should go to a doctor.

As moms we need to make the time, we need to get it done. Worried about taking your kids, well here is a thing wouldn’t you rather find out early if you have cancer or not? Some of us do not have sitters, for one reason or another.. and when it comes to doctor appointments here is some advice if you have younger littles. Invest in the kindle fire for kids. They will be busy with that and you will make it through the doctor appointment. I have to take my littles to pretty much all of my appointments. All of them. And that little kindle fire makes life easier. Of course I try to schedule when my oldest is at school. But there are times when that is not an easy thing to do. We need to take better care of ourselves. We must take better care of ourselves. It is not selfish, it is necessary . Self-love is important.

reasons you really should take care of yourself #selflove #mentalhealth #fashionblogger


So, here is a personal story(you love this right?)

I got sick, and put off going to the doctor. I put off going to the doctor even though I felt like death. I got better. However, here is another story. *eye roll*

reasons you really should take care of yourself #selflove #mentalhealth #fashionblogger

Bear with me. So, in this picture and for some pictures for some time now you will see a swollen face. What happened? Well, the baby headbutted me in the face in the same spot for a long time causing me to get lockjaw, and he moved a molar which was infected(I didn’t know) and then the pain started and then it kept getting worse and worse. The swelling started and I was dying. I decided to finally go to a dentist even though I WAS SCARED TO SHIT! I got xrays and the dentist was like OK, you need antibiotics and pain meds. Then we need to discuss surgery. Surgery. Surgery on 2 wisdom teeth I knew that shouldn’t be there. My last dentist and orthadontist decided to remove the other ones as they were impacted.(bottom teeth) Then they left the top two. So those teeth are just sitting there not doing anything. They got infected eventually. Thing is if I had taken better care of myself and stopped neglecting me to take care of everyone else and such they would have been taken out a long time ago. I didn’t and now, well surgery.

And I am finally going to go to a psychiatrist for my mental health. We a moms and as women in general get so stressed. We get so wrapped up in everyone else we forget us. We forget to ask for help, we see it as weakness. IT IS NOT! So, I made the decision that 2019 and on will be about taking better care of me, medically and mentally. I have to, for my kids and for my husband. And for ME.

You should do that too, make 2019 and on the years you stop feeling bad about going to the doctor. You feel bad about going to a dentist and taking that time for you to do so. You stop feeling bad about going to the gym and stop feeling bad for getting your nails done, doing your hair and makeup in the morning. Shopping for yourself! 2019 is the start to getting back on track and giving yourself some much needed love and care.

reasons you really should take care of yourself #selflove #mentalhealth #fashionblogger


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