Real Housewives of Vancouver?

Tonight I broke down and decided to go ahead and dye my hair again. Or rather touch up my hair. Blonde is very hard to keep up with, just ask any Real Housewife of O.C. and they will tell you. I decided this time instead of Loreal Feria, I would try Revlon. It was only 2.95 at Wally World vs the $8.98 for the Feria.
I put on my grubby clothes and went to work on my hair. Sectioning off each layer, good times. Got to have a lot of patience when doing this. This time around I put my mound of hair in a shower cap. What a difference! Ahhh, now to wait 40 mins. What to do?
I searched for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and got instead Real Housewives of Vancouver. What? How is that close Google? So, I started to watch it to pass the time. I have to say coming in on the middle of a season is a bad idea. But, I am compelled to find the first episodes now to watch in order.I am BORED! Waiting for color to set is like watching paint dry, it is not fun at all! And watching this is taking the “holy crap this is taking forever” away. I am curious to see how it stacks up to the other Real Housewives shows. All I can say is, why don’t we get that one in the states?

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