Real Housewives of Bh, let’s recap.another dinner from hell.

Oh ladies, can we have one relaxing weekend without all the drama and accusations? Can there be a please t episode without all the backstabbing? The last two episodes were rough to watch.
We start with the ladies packing.

Joyce has invited the girls to Puerto Rico to the beautiful country from where she hails from. They arrive to the sounds of frogs mating, how cozy. The hotel where they are staying apparently are not up to par with the Vanderpump’s expectations. After all Giggy’s bathroom was bigger. God forbid they spend a night like normal folks. It left a sour feeling a was a bit snobby. Get over it.


The next day is beach day and what looked like to be a glorious day turned out to be a drama filled day. Yolanda wanted to speak to Lisa to know what kind of friend she was to Lisa, Brandi had some sort of pent up frustration. This all ended with Lisa walking off, ken fighting with Yolanda, and Brandi dropping a bombshell. Where she says the dancing queen wanted her to bring tabloids of Kyle and her hubby to Palm Springs. Brandi said she refused to do it, and Yolanda was present when this happened. Something people dismiss through out the rest of the episode.


At dinner Kyle asks about it. And there is a standoff between Ken and Kim. Brandi answers Kyle’s question whether it is true and Lisa dodges the question. Got to hand it to ken defending his lady’s honor. Even if he is out of the loop. I wonder if he really knows what is going on.
Then there was a question of Kim being sober by him, ouch. Why say that? Was not necessary.
This trip proved to be as painful to watch as season 1 dinner from hell.
I wonder if there will be a lie detector test at the reunion? Someone call Maurey!

Personally, I am not sure if Lisa did it or not. Can not say who may be telling the truth. I do notice a slight pattern with Brandi, has anyone else noticed that she is singing the same tune about Lisa that she did with Adrienne and Paul? “They wanted me to say things I didn’t ” “Lisa tells me things to get me to say things, because she knows I can’t keep my mouth shut” or whatever she said. I’ll have to rewatch it on iTunes. But, it is a similar song and dance; just with a different extremely rich person. Is it that she can not own up completely for being a big mouth or “truthful” and has to blame someone and become the victim again? Or does she push people away when they get way to close? Who knows. Who do you believe?

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