Real Housewives Of BH; How to be a real housewife.

I love Bravo TV Network, and I love the site. I was able to catch up on the Miami housewives. FINALLY! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are my favorites and now there is the shorts “how to be a real housewife” They teach you how to be a Real Housewife like them. The ladies give you some of their tricks to transform you into a RHOBH. Cute idea.

I was able to watch Yolanda’s and Kyle’s videos before I was needed by my family. It was my short and sweet “me” time. I watched their videos and was left feeling a sense of “Hey when does season 4 start?”

Yolanda took a Martha Stewart approach to her video. She showed how to make arrangements on the cheap and still look chic. To her you do not have to spend a million to look a million. And she prefers to have dinner parties at home, a lady after my own heart. Love the use of lemons in her arrangements. I wish I could leave lemons around the house but here in FL they will be targets for pests. I wish I knew her secret to growing things. I can’t. Anyways, she talked about how much things cost to do and it was CHEAP. Love it. Yolanda, get your own entertaining show! “Entertaining with Yolanda” it could be big.

Then I watched Kyle’s video. She was talking about her hair. How she takes care of it, via vitamins and how she brushes it. What I wish she mentioned was the shampoo and conditioner aspect of it. I want to know! Her hair is GORGE! Seriously do not ever cut it! Beautiful hair! Speaking of vitamins, I may not be breastfeeding anymore but I still take prenatals. They are the best!
watch here!
It is a cute concept doing these videos. It makes them seem more down to earth and lets us “ordinary” folks into their world a bit more. Keep it coming Bravo!


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