Random 4Am stuff.

Ok so it is 4 AM and I am awake. Got a sick little will do that. So I just thought I would pass the time while snuggling with this little to write a nonsense post . A post written by a mom who is debating making a small pot of joe. Why? Because it is 4 AM. 

Here are some sandhill cranes. 

To make the coffee or not to make the coffee. Hubby and I are taking turns on being up with the lad and it is my shift. Ahhhh the joys of having a sick child. 

I a loving this random 4 AM garbage post. Look at that cat.

Cat glitter. Always cat glitter. 

What else? Well I think I settled on a new blog name and we are going to be setting that up soonish. And I am really excited about it. I had to retype that last sentence twice, I kept typing eczema instead of excited.

Wow. Just wow, they aren’t even close. 

Brain go poop.

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