Rachael Ray Nutrish for cats. Caturday!

Happy CAturday!!! OK, So today on the blog we are going to talk about CATS! No surprise! It is afterall Caturday! And I was happy when Influenster sent my cats some Nutrish to try out, because we already use it! Having Indoor cats it is important to make sure their food is good quality.

Rachael Ray nutrishThis indoor complete is formulated to help maintain a healthy weight for the kitties as well as help with imunity and digestion. Not that, that is helping my fatties. They are fat. :/

The number 1 ingredient is chicken! As well as Salmon and lentils. Which is easy to digest and has a lot of vitamins for the cats. The neat thing that I didn’t even realize that was in this food until I read the packaging was that it has Dandelion greens. This is a high fiber green that helps them with their digestive systems and this food has pumpkin too.  Ever think that a cat food could have blue berries and cranberries? Well this one does! You can read more about this food here .  Word of caution, My dog ate some of this food and got a tummy ache. So, not for the doggies. He got ahold of some before I could stop him.

OK, so taking their pictures had to be the biggest pain in the butt. Normally little girl is well behaved and will sit, NO. Not today. So blurry blurry.

Oh well. She is only a cat.


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


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