Quiet St Patrick’s day / ASTR the label dress.

I normally do not get into the whole “wear green on St Pattys day or get pinched” kind of thing. I honestly have never been that way. And would often be the one walking around elementary school(where I was already being bullied ) and get pinched for not wearing green. SERIOUSLY, who the F started that BS!

Really, the dumbest damn thing ever.

Anywho, this year has been a quiet one I think for a lot of people. The Carona Virus is in full force. People need to stay home only going out if need be. My son, he still has his therapies, so I have to go out with him. My littlest gets to stay home with daddy. Who is fortunate to work from home and I get to get some more studying done for real estate. Which is fantastic. And I went to a park while the boy was in therapy I wanted some fresh air and quick pics before going back and sitting in my car for an hour. There weren’t many people out at all, save for a few walking the trail.

I have worn this dress by ASTR before and it is still a fave of mine. I just want it in more colors. It is nice and all in green, but it is such a dark shade of it and need something lighter. So I have been looking at the beautiful dresses in more colors!

This dress is so cute that I am sure you will add it to your closet!

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