Pinterest pin, another one done.

Ok, so I saw this pin of a olive oil based hair masque for dry and damaged hair. I thought olive oil is good for the hair. Right? Well, it is and there are many benefits for it. And if you are doing an all natural hair regiment, olive oil is essential.
3 table spoons of olive oil
1 table spoon of honey.

Massage onto scalp and let sit for 10 mins. These were the instructions.
Then rinse clean and done.

Seems simple. Seems good. Problem. It won’t wash out! And left my hair oily and gross. The pin in question didn’t mention when you rinse it out to use shampoo with it. Or that wet hair before is good. Nope. What I have discovered is a lot of people with the same issue. Will not rinse out.

I had to resort to Dawn dish soap(crazy I know) to get most of it out. And it is still iffy. Now granted my hair is softer, and was shinier…however this hassle makes it not worth it.

From looking around the net, I found some really good advice on how to handle this situation. One lady suggests that when you go in the shower to rinse it out you apply shampoo to the hair and rinse both out. Another said to use vinegar and use the oil on ends of hair. Oh and to heat it up first.

I took no pictures. Will, I do it again? Possibly. May cut back on the oil.
If you have any suggestions or want to share tips comment below !

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