Pinterest, are you addicted?

What is your favorite thing about Pinterest?

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, pinning my life away. Usually while baby boy is eating or sleeping. I pin for my Avon business as well as for my interests. Do you feel you ever pin too much? And how many pins have you actually tried? Me? I have done quite a few. My favorites are crafty, beauty, and or fashion to do. Then there are the drool worthy pins, whether they are food or other things. And there are the funny pins, stuff normally seen on Meme center. Yes, Pinterest has it all. And I love it there.

Pinterest allows me to feed my geeky side and my fashion side. It helps me think about food options although I tend to forget the pins and make whatever. One day I will try it. And one day I will say hey close enough.
I get to see other peoples pins and interests and it is pretty interesting. I have been with Pinterest since the old days of beta and I love it there.

One you start pinning there is no going back.

picture from and Pinterest

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