Pinspiration inspiration: Gucci ready to wear. 

Hi there friends! Hope you are all having a fantastic day! It is that time again another Pinspiration inspiration! I saw Gucci’s ready to wear and fell in love with a certain couple of dresses.

Original images from Gucci via Pinterest and

I don’t know about the slippers but funny thing is I used to own a blue pair like that a long long time ago. Any ways I went down a notch from the usual high fashion couture looks to a more of a cheat.  This dress inspired me to find something similar. And I knew I saw something like it before.


I love the dress, I love how pretty and how soft it looks. Very feminine and it is very wearable! I paired it with sunnies and a big ring and instead of fuzzy slippers I went with fringe. We are wearing this out of the house possibly. I mean we can wear inside and then by all means wear the Chewbacca slippers.

The dresses are both so pretty. The Gucci dress is a whopping $3200! The dress I picked , from MANGO(ADDICTED MUCH?) is only $119. Yeah that is a huge difference in price. The dress from MANGO is nice and bright too.

Now, I normally post stuff that has to do with other pins ETC. But, I am so frazzled today. Trust me you don’t want to see my hair and lack of make up today. I am having one of “those “kinds of days

I will let the following illustrations elaborate for me.


Why do I keep letting this happen people?! I need a coffee supply intervention. So, I don’t run out anymore.  And then this too


He has not been wanting to nap. That is when I post on the blog or do house hold chores. It was also a kind of stay in yoga pants kind of day. Lack of coffee and being exhausted will do that.


lion king yoga pants hm shirt

The most colorful “whatever” outfit ever!


We can not deny how cool these Lion King pants are though.

Justfab flats

And my shoes have cat glitter on them. If you follow my Instagram @gofashiondeals you may have seen me mentioning the cat glitter today.

And then there is this that really grinded my gears.

My husband bought Parm last night from Target and normally that isn’t an issue. But today, I had the notion to look into the container. People, friends, let me say YUCK YUCK YUCK!




Would you like a side of mold and fuzz with your pasta dinner tonight? MMMMM delicious. *sarcasm* I have never had to return a food item except when that whole cat food recall happened. This is just horrifying. What if I didn’t look down? The product was fuzzy too. Bleh! I don’t mind fuzzy fluffy  if it is on a blanket or sweater, but not on my food please. So if you have bought any Parm from Target in the past week OPEN and look! Just a friendly FYI.

Keep being awesome friends!


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