Pink hair Butterflies and confidence.

I am going to admit here, I am getting more and more confident with wearing my wigs and it has been helping me a ton with my Trichtolillomania! I have found it has boosted my confidence 100%. I love this wig I have on by Lit unicorns! The pink and the dark roots are so me! Shop this pink wig call rosey here also love this one too

this is the Uni-thot

Having to go through trichotillomania is rough, mental illness is rough . But, with discussion and awareness may come understanding. Wearing wigs helps with my low self-esteem and hair pulling. Stress brings it on and also boredom. It can be a form of my stimming due to anxiety. Depression can also bring on bad bouts of hair pulling. Not good. No way.

Dealing with it is hard and sometimes I can’t explain why I do it. I tell my husband that I am stressed but then I can’t put into words how I feel. And sometimes have that trouble at therapy too. I am a work in progress and if you are too that is just fine. We got this!

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