Pastel polish: Maybeline New York Color show. Frozen over


Mabeline color show frozen over

I panted my nails blue. I feel a bit of nostalgia in doing so. When I was in junior high, I often painted them pale blues or greens. I was really into some interesting fashion choices then..  But, now it is all about trend and how I am feeling. No I am not feeling blue, I am missing the cold. Stuff is blooming and I am stuck in sinus hell.

Anyways, the polish I used today is Maybeline New York Color Show. The color is frozen over. Which is a great tribute to Disney’s Frozen. Finally a queen instead of a princess. Yay! Not necessarily did they do it that way, but if you like the movie this polish and some purple eyeshadow will do.
It has bits of glitter and is Definitely a polish that needs several coats and a great shiny top coat. Other than that, it dries fast. I got it for $1.89 at Target. I had a sc for $1 off. So not a bad price.
Worth the pic up. It is a pretty polish.

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