Overdressed? Never!

I have to say , I am a lot of the times feeling overdressed. I would be called a diva, high maintenance and all of those things. And the constant comments from people(even my own spouse who always has to make a comment about my wearing heels on top of the comments about my makeup or clothing.) left me feeling really down and the confidence was certainly effected.

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You see , this whole thing started back when I was a kid. There was this outfit at Walmart that was a 2 piece set. It was plaid and had wooden animal shaped buttons. I was absolutely obsessed with Africa at that age, from the Sands and pyramids of Egypt to the savannas of Kenya. And I loved to learn about the indigenous peoples of the lands. And of course the animals. Anyways, this outfit was so cool to me. That is until I wore it, not only did my mom question the look, but at school I was harassed so bad . I never wore it again. And the whole overdressed and overdoing it would follow me always.
you see, I always have loved how women would dress kind of “overdressed “ .
And now I am over it! If I want to wear sequins, you can bet your ass I am going to! If I want to wear heels I will and am getting better at telling certain people to kindly stfu about it. I will show up over done and be just fine with it. And it has taken a life time to get to that point. So, if you can take anything away from this it is don’t wait until you are 90 and think well at this age I have earned the right to live in ball gowns or dress like a Victorian. Don’t wait, do it now!

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