Motherhood maternity tee

Outfit Multicolored striped tee.

Motherhood maternity tee

Well, before the storm hits and makes life miserable for us, I figured I would work on the blog as best I can to get content out and keep up the paces. I wanted to share my recent trips to Missouri and New York. And then guess what I found!? Pictures from LEGOLAND this year when Ninjago opened. UGH! I can not believe I didn’t post that! How silly of me! Crap!

So, while I go through and edit a butt ton of photos from all three things, here is an outfit I begged hubby to shoot while upstate in New York. The funny thing is that I am so used to taking my tripod Sam everywhere that when I didn’t have it I had to rely on others and or SELFIES!!! Bleh. Lesson learned, bring SAM. There was room in my suitcase and I could have had lots of outfits to share! LOTS!

Oh well at least my makeup was awesome! We found the cutest little down area in Mt Morris near Letchworth state park. And we walked about and had lunch there. It was a fun day.

When I take other peoples pictures it turns out awesome, when I ask I get the one at the top. HAHAHAH. My mom gets it, but she wasn’t there. I should have had him take of me right there, but like I said I always feel awkward, always. I really shouldn’t but I do. Let me tell you when you go so long blogging and doing your own thing and never talking about it with family etc, when it comes to getting things blog related done it can be weird feeling. When you would rather take a tripod than feel like a bother to someone. That is me and being a massive introvert doesn’t help. If you can relate hands up and shout! One day, I’ll get through it!

Motherhood maternity teeSo back to this photo again because it is the only one. I got this top from Motherhood maternity to wear with the pj shorts from there. This top isn’t a pajama top, it is one of their basic tees. At this time I wasn’t showing as much so I either tied it in a knot in the front or tucked it in. The comfy linen pants are really nice and light and I love the color for this time of year, they will transition to fall nicely. They are sold out on Target but I found similar ones on H&M! And my giant Mary Poppins bag from MANGO, that I have had for years! It carries all mine and my son’s crap!

I wanted an outfit fit for walking around a bit! So comfy!!!

What do you think?



  • Molly September 10, 2017 at 6:27 PM

    I think you look adorable and I love these pics!!!

    • Stephanie September 14, 2017 at 4:57 PM

      Thank you so much Molly!!!!!


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