Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootd

Outfit of the day, Back in all black.

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdSo, I am back in black! No surprise, not really since wearing black is such a staple for me. I do own other colors, you have seen them! But, there is just something I love about the all black outfit. It is just easy to wear and pull off, even when you are not feeling your best. I feel like all I have done for the past week is bitch about my Bronchitis, but you know what it was horrendous. OK, it still is. I still have it! I am much better much much much better. Thank goodness! I do not know how much more I could take outside of going to the ER. Now, I am finally getting sleep. Except for last night when I was woken up by a very bouncy happy 4 year old boy at 2AM. And then when we made him realize it was still night night, he went back to sleep. We all slept through every alarm clock set. All of us, my hubby, my son, and I. We slept through them. OOPS. Shit happens right?

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootd

JAcket HM// Tee TARGET// Leggings Target// ShoesTARGET//BAG COACH(old)//

Necklace NEWCHIC similar //lipstick Urban Decay big bang

Here I am getting ready for baby and getting all my duckies in a row. We all know that is crap, I haven’t done crap. The nursery still needs painting, the crib still needs to be put together, and we still need essentials. We still need to register for this baby at the stores. We still need to pick a freaking name! One thing I do have is a breast pump still and the crib and crib mattress, OH, and the new stroller for both boys. We also have a walker from when tiny child was a baby. That is it. Things that are important just not for right now. The thing is I didn’t keep anything really. I gave a lot a way to a friend in need. At the time we weren’t sure we would have another child. We were pretty set on just one, and I think since this pregnancy has been hard on me just like the first, this little guy is it. I am OK, with being a boy mom. I’ll write up a whole post later on my nursery ideas and what I am wanting. As well as things I want in my hospital bag as compared to last time!

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdFor now let us talk about this outfit that I am wearing. I am wearing mostly things from Target. The leggings are non maternity, I sized up a bit and they fit amazingly well! The tee is a non maternity basic tee from Target. The satin bomber jacket is from H&M one that I am so happy I got when I did. Satin just like velvet is right on trend right now and is gaining momentum! The shoes are also from Target  and I love these shoes, they are so comfortable. Not to mention easy to put on my feet. Speaking of Target, I tend to shop there a lot don’t I? I love it at that store. Now this outfit, was one that I felt OK, in. I was having a moment where I just felt like a big old balloon running around. And I am my harshest critic, thought I just looked puffy. Pregnancy in the 3rd trimester makes you feel wondrous about yourself. Being still sick I wanted to wear something comfy, but something I could still be out in public in, due to that I had to run my son to his weekly therapy appointments.

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdBack in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdBack in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdI think over all it did work out well, the outfit is sleek as much as it is about comfort. This is an outfit I can go from errand running to being at home coughing my lungs up on the couch in. Being comfy doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy. Unless you want to be frumpy, and right now I am wearing an over size shirt and some leggings because I am tired. 2 AM wake up time was so fun!

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdBack in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootdThese sunnies are so cute! I got them from H&M as well, but they aren’t available. So, I linked to a similar pair on SALE, from H&M. For jewelry I knew if I wore a nice big boho statement necklace it would stand out and be fabulous against this all black outfit! Love the way it looks!

Back in all black outfit of the day #fashion #style #maternityfashion #ootd

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