Oscar De laRenta

I wore the most uncomfortable shoes for this look. I mean with proper socks they are alright. But no socks or ankle socks freaking A they hurt! The ankles are in trouble of being violated by the faux leather rubbing on them. Yikes. Only part of the outfit I really probably should have through more about. And um…didn’t. Oops. I’m wearing some really beautiful Oscar De laRenta shorts and just love the floral print the unique skirt tied around them. It is an epic outfit. And made more casual with the addition of a simple white tank by Uniqlo!

If you are wondering what that bruise is, my 7yr old bit me during an allergy test. He was having such a bad time . He didn’t understand why he couldn’t wear a shirt and not itch his back and so mama bear had to hold him. And unfortunately I got bit and got a bloody nose from him trashing and head butting me. Which is fine . He is autistic and really I knew it was going to happen at some point during this. Even though you set expectations and tell them what is happening in the moment that all goes out the window. My poor baby.

Juvia’s Place The Warrior III Eyeshadow Palette • $20
Floral Stripe Bow Shorts • Oscar de la Renta • $1,490
Asymmetric Floral Print Shorts • Oscar de la Renta • $1,490
Taurus Cotton Slub Tank • Velvet by Graham & Spencer • $70
Corallina Fringed Straw Tote • Carolina Santo Domingo • $575

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