On repeat monochromed details.

As I sit here crunching away on some Doritos, spicy nacho no less. I am trying to put together my blog post for the day. My outfit that I was wearing on the start of the day was different than at the finish of it. I was wearing a cute pastel blue skirt and simple sweater, then we (my son and I ) played with crayons and other stuff. Let’s say, it didn’t last. As everything that could be spilt on in from the hands of a two year old, were. Shower number 1, and bath 1.

So I changed into an outfit that probably repeats itself too much on the blog? But I go back to it, like some familiar comfort food. It’s that kind of outfit you feel good in no matter how much bloating mother nature(evil) sends you way. (This explains the urge to eat all the ice cream and all the Doritos ) I am wearing in this outfit my striped knit tank from MANGO and grey H&M pants which are stretch as well as super skinny. Perfect for boots. I also put on a cardigan that was a staple during pregnancy and well after. Ahhh. Put on my ALDO OTK boots and I have a chic outfit that I have probably already put on the ol bloggeroo before. I changed up the accessories by way of a chunky statement necklace(GASP) and the new sunnies from Express. Well, after this we went home after our walk and my little guy wanted to play in the yard with this sandbox. And I let him, then he discover some more dirt nearby and well it was windy. It went everywhere. Dirt in my shoes, my hair, his hair, his clothes, everywhere. And he was muddy too because puddles. Yay. Kids. So after plopping his little biscuit butt in the tub and giving him a bath, I got him dried off and changed into his pjs. I went and did the same because, holy mother of dirt and mud…it was every where. Yup, my day. And I love watching him play and love everything he does. Including the muddy messes he makes.

Monochrome details

I wear heels even when pushing a stroller through everything . I really need some flat OTK boots. NEXT purchase ! Maybe go for some grey ones. Or ooooo green! Is it weird that I just NOW noticed my cardi is striped? Wow. So much for paying attention .


Mix all that with a dog who wouldn’t for the life of the baby Jesus behave. Any and all dogs in a 2ft radius would be lunged at, or barked obsessively at. Even when we were long gone. He was having an off day too I guess. He is allowed. We all are. Which is why mama at 10PM is eating a big A$$ bag of Spicy Nacho chips, while eating ice cream, while reading my fave book The Silmarillion(I’m at sad parts friends and I still cry) , while working on my obsession! MY BLOG. My son is in bed, and so to work I go! Because nap time was not a thing today! My posts have been all wonky when it comes to schedule. I would like to take a moment and thank the flu that I thought originally was allergies for that horrendous week. So, bear with me as I try to get everything caught up. And I am almost caught up. I have some projects coming up and I hope those turn out well.




Boots ALDO similar here // PANTS H&M similar here // Shirt MANGO old similar here// Cardigan old new style here// Sunnies EXPRESS// necklace similar here

Now before I walk away from this post today, tonight, whenever it gets published.  I have herea question of the day for you. Have you ever been so invested in a character or characters in a book that you still cry when they get killed off? I don’t think I will ever not cry. I still cry at the end of Gone with the Wind.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post!

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