Ok, so Saturday, family day.

OK. SO Saturday family funday.

We took the tiny child to a car show and had a great time. I haven’t been to one in forever. Which that sounds like a really long time. Because it IS a very long time. And we saw some great things. Saturday was one of those days where nothing made me feel good. At least fashion wise. Couldn’t figure out to wear! GASP! So, I went for a high low maxi and some heeled knee high gladiators.  The thing that drove me nuts and made me feel so meh was I kept shutting the damned dress in the car door. All day!


This is the culprit. And by the time we stopped running around I was just raging around. All day. The car door ate my dress. Ever have that happen? It is SOOOOO much fun let me tell you. And I really questioned myself once again fashionwise over this.

Cars! So the car show we saw a lot of old cars. Beautifully restored.



I love the Stingray.


Of course there were some newer cars too.


Some of my pictures were blurry, my tiny child was yanking on me pretty bad. He was hot and not that happy. Mainly because he couldn’t touch. But, yeah this was our Saturday family day. We had fun. Then of course the next day was Mother’s Day which was great too. And yeah separate post on that later. I have to go fold laundry. Sounds exciting right?



  • Molly May 13, 2015 at 1:49 PM

    What fun! I love Stingrays too! Honestly though, I’m surprised you didn’t pose with one of the cars. 😛

    • Stephanie May 13, 2015 at 2:02 PM

      Thanks Molly!!! I did pose with the cars with my little guy but he is either crying or making a really bad “I hate life right now” face. And he is trying to strangle me with my own dress. LOL. Oh Well, next time we will take the stroller. It was just too hot and he wanted to play in the cars. Which honestly I couldn’t blame the little lad.


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