Oh back to Tamriel.

Hello my Gofashiondealsie friends! It is a Thursday, it is chili day, and it is normally a “throw back” Thursday. Well, it kind of is. Sort of. I am playing Skyrim for Xbox 360 while my son snuggles with me in the bedroom. He is having a rough day, and when Peppa Pig does nothing and playing with Mega Blocks doesn’t work I know it is time to play in Tamriel again.

Skyrim Xbox 360

Skyrim Xbox 360

This game is a great time killer. And still as I have probably stated numerous times a really fun game.

wpid-20150108_161056.jpgYeah, I love this game even with it’s anger inducing Lydia. Still there is so much to do and I have no idea why my son really loves watching me play what he calls “GRRR ARRRRRHHHHHGGGGGGG Grumble” That is what he calls Skyrim. Little man is pretending to be a ferocious dragon. Cute.

I did get some OOTD pics done. But, late today. Most of my day has been trying to play catch up from Christmas,still.

I went with a high elf this time around.

I went with a high elf this time around.

What has me keep coming back to this game is just the vastness of it all. The scenery in the game is gorgeous, and the story isn’t too shabby.  I personally would love to play around on Shadows of Mordor or The Evil Within. But, I play those when he is asleep and I can get the TV to myself. Nothing better than a bowl of popcorn, a video game, and me hiding my character under a bed because I ran out of ammo, AGAIN!

That to me is a great night in. Is there a  game that you just can not get enough of , even if it is a casual game? Like, say, Candy Crush, Solitaire, Bejeweled. 

(I personally love Dragon Gem for Android devices.)

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