Novex, a beauty review of awesome!


I am always on the hunt for new and great hair products. I have been trying to get my blonde locks to look like those on a magazine cover. Alas I failed. So, I tried Paul Mitchell and wow, did that dry my hair out. Not sexy. #eww
I wanted something that would make my forever dry, brittle,and frizzy hair to look luscious. It is a battle I have fought for years. Whether my hair was dyed or not, it was always a state of yuck. Looking back on my photos from childhood in 8th grade I looked horrid. Such a frizzy mop I had. No one in my family had curly hair like mine except dad. He was a dad though and had no clue. My mother had that straight native American hair; I had that curly mop. I was forever jealous of her, my sister,and my brothers.


Now, I may have found the trick. Novex, the “#1 best seller” in Brazil. Brazilian keratin, what? It is called hair food. Food for the hair and if it works then I will get Brazilian hair products! For now, I am testing it. I wonder if I will have luscious hair in the AM. This product bosts that it has transformed the hair of 60 million women in Brazil. My question is are there really that many ladies in Brazil? I should Google it.
So this product so far seems promising and is a welcome treat to me after a rewarding day with my little man. You have to let it sit for 3 minutes in somewhat dry hair. So a bathtime will be in order. Pour some wine and light some candles. Let it soak in as you relax, then rinse well. So far my hair feels great.


You can get it on Amazon and used to at Sally beauty supply. $11-27 a bottle.

You may have seen the Lancome picture above too. Well, I finally got to read my magazines and found samples or Lancome’s Visionaire. It is a corrector or fine lines and wrinkles. Corrects pores as well as uneveness. It feels great going on the skin and I was excited to try it. I love Lancome.Now it boasts visible results in a week, so next Tuesday I will reveal if it has. $69-139 per bottle.

If you already use either product let me know in the comments section.Tell me what you think about them. Now off to finish my wine and PMS cookies, this time I added semi sweet and milk chocolate chips!

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