Not so tight laced; a corset story.

Ok so this picture is not actually from my house, we are renovating and so there is crap everywhere! One thing I want to talk about on the blog today in something that I have been getting asked about by friends and family. That is corsets. Yup, the alleged torture devices of women worn throughout the ages. The boned waist clinchers that would help some women achieve that slim waist.
watch this video about more beauty dangers!

Tight laced is a real thing, and it had some bad consequences. Tight lacing during the Victorian era and into Edwardian era. Of course not all women tight laced, many were wearing them properly. Meaning they were not squishing the organs and deforming bones to get a tiny waist.
But tight lacing is an issue and well not good!

So what should you look for if you are thinking about getting corsets? What are you wanting them for? For heavy dresses? Historical fashion? Think about it when you get big wedding dresses you need to wear one with a corset type brassiere to help with the weight of the wedding dress and petticoats. Or are you, like me , wearing them for more of a medical reason. Mine are for relief in my back and diasastis reci. It makes me feel better wearing them, my back feels better and I don’t feel the discomfort from the diasastis reci. So I don’t need to tight lace or for waist training , which is something that you can get some corsets for.

So when buying a corset, you want to make sure it is the right size. Too small a corset and you will not get the right assistance or fit and may be uncomfortable. Too big and they will be harder to get to the right size when tying and lacing!
if you can see the panel through the laces a lot it means the corset is too small. A lot of corsets go by dress size, but it is important to get waist measurements too because some have a waist measurement. So a 34 to 33 or what not. This measurement can also help decide if you need to go up or down in size.
Once you get the corsets , you may feel over whelmed with the ribbons and ties. Yes it can be tightened and tied on your own. And believe me with the “rabbit ears” it makes it easier. You want to loosen the stings up , do not, I repeat do not in do the knot at the bottom! Once it is all loose then put on and fasten the front it will be very stiff at first. But once they are seasoned to your form, they will be easier to fasten. Then you pull on the rabbit ears a little , from there you can adjust the bra part to fit and then the bottom.
When tying, you need to be sure you can still take a whole breath , if you can not, then you need to loosen it. If you can take a whole breath and fit 2 fingers in then you got it!
start out with wearing the stays 45 minutes at first day one. Then you can increase it. Reason being after 45 minutes day one will be uncomfortable. The rigidness of the corset is why. Once it is seasoned you can wear much longer!
corsets also do not like being put into the washer machine!
The ones from A corset story, have metal in them, so really read care instructions. Also when buying READ the reviews! It will help you really understand fit, too small in size, true to size, or big!Some Corsets are expensive so take advantage of their 4 for 1 sales or 3 for 1 sales!
Corsets are not so much a horrible torture device if you do not make them one. Tight lacing is not necessary and you can get a nice hour glass figure without compromising your internal organs and lung function. The corsets I wear are from A Corset story, this post is not sponsored.

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