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Femmeluxe shirt dress and mom life #femmeluxe #fashionblogger #ootd #momblog

I love taking my kids out for a night out on the town, mom style! We go to restaurants , we go wander around shops, and then finish the night with ice cream! My kids and I went out with my BBF and normally they are really well behaved. And well, not this night. It was their first time to Bahama Breeze and both kids were over stimulated with the sights, the colors, the sounds an d smells. And then there is that “sharing attention” of mommy. They do not like sharing mommy, even with daddy! HAHAH. Clingy is the word, my kids are clingy and mommy selfish. They were not screaming or tantrum throwing. But, they were antsy and trying to figure out (the oldest was) how to leave the table. Which was not happening with super mom around. Even the baby was trying to climb across the table. Which I put an end to immediately. Like I said my kids rarely do this sort of acting out. But, they are both at those ages. The terrible twos are starting early and late.

Some weekends are perfect for Loungewear Sets and others are meant for dressing up Erika Jayne style and be fabulous.  Hence this outfit, Which I am wearing the Femmeluxe shirt dress with the chain print, very Versace! And very me! However, I feel this dress is too small for me to wear as a dress. My butt would be hanging out the back and if I rose my arms well, you get the picture. Personally, I feel this shirt dress is better as an over sized button down blouse. Also great thing about this, if my kids had spilt anything on it, you would not be able to tell right away.

Femmeluxe shirt dress and mom life #femmeluxe #fashionblogger #ootd #momblog

Femmeluxe shirt dress and mom life #femmeluxe #fashionblogger #ootd #momblog

Femmeluxe shirt dress and mom life #femmeluxe #fashionblogger #ootd #momblog

This outfit was great for being out with my kids and bff. It isn’t too dressy and it isn’t too casual. The chain print is perfect and the material is light enough that I am not sweating to death in it. Florida fall is hot, it basically is summer lite. It is cooler but no less humid. The weather varies from HOT in the low 90’s to less hot but severly humid high 80’s which end up feeling like the 90’s. We all want a bit cooler weather right now, it is hard to go outside when it is so hot you sweat all your bodily fluids out in a micro second just for stepping outside.  Just all around yuck, and no makeup withstands this nonsense. It can slightly but always melts. In the am you look so put together, you hair is just so and frizz free and the makeup is flawless. By noon the makeup is melted and looks like some weird cake and your hair resembles a poodle. It is always a bit of fun isn’t it?

On days like that you just want to sit around your house in a cute tloungewear set and call it a day with no makeup on, and looking slightly put together just in case you need to get up off the couch and go to the store for whatever the reason. The hair goes up into a messy bun and off you go.

I absolutely love this outfit and felt so good in it! The only thing I felt a bit off about it was the sleeves  with my swollen arms, the sleeves felt a bit tight. The top I got was a m-large. This top is super affordable and I love how it does look. Trust me you can not go wrong with this look!There are only 2 size options S/m (small medium) and M/L (medium large) . Like I said I got the medium large size and the arms were a bit tight. It is a shame there isn’t anything larger in this dress.

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