So last year I ordered some adorable boots from Shoe They came and I fell in love with them. I thought I posted about it. Maybe not. ANyways, I wore them while I was pregnant, right up until I got slammed with preterm labor and bedrest. But, I didn’t wear them all that much. I would wear them and then take them off as soon as my feet stopped in front of my front door. Off they came. Why?

They are the most UNCOMFORTABLE pair of boots ever! The heel likes to push itself under my heel at an 80% angle towards the center of my foot. It in turn makes me walk like I have some weird limp. The other heel is just as bad. I kept thinking to myself the other day while shopping with mom and little man; “why the hell am I wearing these again?” Why indeed self, why indeed. Awful. Just Awful. Do I forget what torturous shoes these happen to be? I must, I haven’t worn them since December last year, and it is no wonder as to why. I can not believe I forgot, or that I didn’t sell these shoes at a yard sale. I paid 39.95 for these I believe and would only resell them for a buck fifty at a garage sale. I will never purchase these again. I should have returned them, should have is the key phrase here people. And while they will now collect dust, I am sitting here wondering what will replace them. I guess I got to go shoe shopping. Hey,I never have enough shoes. Especially since half of mine no longer fit as you can read here: Shoes why you no fit?

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