Nablopomo Tuesday, grandma’s necklace.

Today as I was foraging through my closet for my daily outfit choice for the blog, I remembered a necklace I had.


This necklace may not look like much. Or maybe it does and speaks volumes. But, it is so very special to me. Very very special. My grandma gave it to me. After years of drooling over it, and staring wantingly at this little beaded piece of jewelry, she caved and in her 92 years of wisdom gave it to me.


Now, friends you are probably thinking that is so sweet, but why else? Well, here is the “why else”.


Well, this special necklace came from Egypt. No, it wasn’t ordered and shipped here from some online company. No, it was purchased there. Purchased in a market by that little old lady when she went there.

My grandmother made a very special trip back in 1997?1998. A trip that she still talks about today. She went to the holy land, yup. She wanted to walk the path of Jesus’s footprints or whatever the trip was called. She and a group of 15 went there. She danced on a cruise ship with some Greek men, whom she said were so good looking. She then went to Israel and Egypt. Where she rode a camel, ate fruit and fish every day, drank insanely strong coffee(so she says), saw the pyramids up close and personal, saw the Valley of The Kings, and other things. Things that I only dream of doing.  The necklace as well as some other things, like Christmas ornaments made of wood, bracelets, and papyrus paintings(which I also got recently) were the items she brought back. As well as a TON of pictures. I can not get over her being on a camel. A camel who we will call Fred, bit everyone.

I can only imagine how much fun she had. And owning this necklace now is just an amazing thing I will hold on to.



  • Bev November 11, 2014 at 3:35 PM

    What a sweet story behind the necklace, and to have a piece of your grandmother’s story to hold on to. It sounds like you will truly appreciate wearing this! Stopping by from the NaBloPoMo linkup.

    • Stephanie November 11, 2014 at 3:45 PM

      Thank you! It truly is a special piece one that just can never be replaced. 🙂 thanks for stopping by! !


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