Nablopomo February.

NaBloPoMo February 2015

Hi there, well it is another Nablopomo. This month is about making things. I am going to make something that has to do with fashion or maybe something else. Maybe something Valentine related which is only 11 days away. Oh my gosh! Now, last month I kind of didn’t do so well with my Nablopomo efforts. I just hate writer’s block and whether or not what I actually write about has anything to do with the theme of it. Most of the time it doesn’t. This month I am going for it. I will attempt to post more often for this Nablopomo. Can she do it?!

I found on Pinterest an “easy” tutorial for making a tulle skirt. And that is what I am going to make first. I also saw a way to make a neat bracelet. Which is also something I will do this month. I can’t remember if I made a board specifically for that on Pinterest(my addiction, and by the way that Thranduil pin is still going strong.I am such a nerd). But yeah, I am looking forward to that. I will be going to Joanne’s Fabrics this weekend and get my supplies. I will also post how much it cost and if it is more cost efficient to buy it or make it. As well as if it is easy or not. Question is what color? I am thinking of blue or white.

Wish me luck!  Oh yeah, happy throw back!






  • Molly February 6, 2015 at 3:48 AM

    I hope you have a great month of posting! Just don’t burn yourself out. 😉

    I also really like your Valentines idea. Hubby is taking me out…somewhere…but I don’t know where or what to wear for the date. Maybe a post or posts about Valentines day outfits for different types of dates? Just throwing out ideas, but you are the professional so I’ll leave it in your capable and beautifully manicured hands. 😛

    • Stephanie February 6, 2015 at 8:20 AM

      I hope I don’t burn out either,haha. You have great ideas. I actually have been working on that very thing! 🙂 Great minds!!


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