Glamorousandgeeky top weekend playlist

My Weekend playlist! Play that 90’s rock.

my top weekend playlist

This is what I have been listening to a lot lately. Why? I think because after my hubby and I had a music video weird off(it is agame where you try to out weird,out funny, out creep, or disturb the other with music videos from the 80’s and 90’s, you know back when MTV played music videos.) Go to youtube and look up Seldgehammer and Genesis the world we live in. And then for happy times after that Watch Men at work Saftey Dance as a way of my saying sorry for giving you night mares for the other two songs.

bush radio PANDORA

My love of music has been trickling over on to my Instagram @glamorousandgeeky, I have been posting glimpses here and there of my playlists. And then I posted a fun little dorky selfie of me getting ready to grocery shop and asked what Closer I was listening to as a bit of fun which is it kind of thing.No one answered it. So, that begs me to reason that not many people read the commentary we post on photos. No one guessed which “closer” I was listening to while shopping. It was Nine Inch Nails Closer, not Chainsmokers closer. That or everyone assumed that was what I was talking about, because no one knew who the other were which (sad face). I am now a sad panda.

The other reason is we were listening to that station is to hear some Soundgarden and Audioslave on this station as we (my hubby and I) loved Chris Cornell and those two bands.

SO anyways, nostalgia of the 90’s. The music at least.not the acid wash jeans.

Audio slave on PANDORA radio

When MTV was busy playing music videos…and everyone had a landline. DIAL UP too!!! HAHAHA.

So my music playlist would be:

a lot of different music from 80s to 90’s and some more recent .






3 Doors Down


Sound Garden


No Doubt

Smashing Pumpkins

OK, you know what, just go to Pandora and make the Bush station. hahahaha. It is easier. Pandora is easy and I love that I can add channels to that channel for a more custom experience. I added some NIN and Greenday to the Bush station for more variety and added Skyrim too for some more relaxing music and other options. It is a great way to listen to music. Because I am so sick of radio stations playing the same damn 5 songs over and over again.

Aren’t you?

Holy Crap Wallflowers are on this station….remember them?!

OR you can follow along on my Spotify.Spotify is something I just started using Friday. And so far I like it. I like Pandora yes and now I have Pandora for more music choices. There are those who asked for my specific playlist and so here it is friends!

And now I want to share a music video from YouTube of some of the music Bush and this song is stuck in my head! and my little loves this song . We have listened to it multiple times now and he loves the music video. So enjoy ..and have an awesome weekend! And OOOH I made up a great carrot cake recipe! will be sharing that this week on the blog!

This post is not in any way sponsored by Pandora Radio, I just love that stupid app. Or sponsored by Spotify, I just love sharing music!

P.S, some of the songs may(not may they do) contain strong language. Just a Friendly PSA.


  • Beauty Unearthly May 27, 2017 at 7:55 PM

    Interesting post my dear

    • Stephanie May 27, 2017 at 10:18 PM

      Thank you!!!


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