My Mother’s Day.




Hi there all! It is time to talk about Mother’s Day. Which yeah was 2 days ago, roughly. I didn’t post anything about it yet except for a promise that I would. So, I am. Better late than never right?




I got my Mother’s Day Dunkin run. Which everyone and their mother went there Mother’s  day(pfft ha.) It was super busy and they were short staffed. So, we got free coffees. I loved my double chocolate donut with vanilla frosting! So good! I was also greeted at 6 AM that morning by a little tiny child wanting out of his crib. SO, it was an early start for me. I have gotten used to being up so early though.My day was pretty great. We went to be with family and my little guy played in the kiddie pool all day. He didn’t even make it out of the drive way he was fast asleep on the way home.







My sister made a bath bomb from scratch. Thanks Pinterest! As well as some bath salt which she said I should just use on my feet as it may turn me purple. My niece got rambunctious with the coloring.  I can not wait to try them, and have yet to.  She also gave me a Yankee candle of Hazelnut coffee. Which smells pretty good considering the coffee smells like feet to me. I can not explain it. I want to try my hand at making bath bombs. Which could be one hilarious post. And if my feet turn purple you can bet I will share that with you. We can all have a good laugh.





Mom and dad got me a lovely cup from Starbucks as well as Tazo tea and Veranda blend which is amazing! Love this stuff! Way to fuel my caffeine addiction! Woohoo!




Then this came in today! My hubby got this for me from MANGO! He got the tote I posted previously here and a great cosmetic bag which looks more like a snakeskin clutch. He also got a matching tiny wallet. I have to say this bag is pretty big. But, I like it! It looks redder in the pictures than it really is.

Pretty big purse huh? Definitely can carry an umbrella in there.


OK, moving on! Let’s talk about what I wore!

AS for my outfit of the day for that day, I decided on a great blue chiffon blouse from Express and some great printed shorts from H&M. I paired it with wedges by GUESS.  And of course I wore a great statement necklace.






I am so glad I went with this outfit Mother’s Day as it was 100 degrees out. I am not even kidding there.  Yuck! I didn’t even bother really doing my hair. I just threw it back.

Steal the style!

Shirt: Express similar style here and I like this one here

Shorts: H&M (old) similar style here and I like these here

Shoes: GUESS (old) newer style here

necklace: Target similar style here  and this one here Bracelet Slate similar here

Flowy shirt | MANGOQ52B01W4S50GFTINLEYFaceted crystal necklace | MANGOFaceted crystal necklace | MANGO




  • Molly May 13, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    LOVE those shorts! Sounds like the day was wonderful with gifts and family. Kudos to your hubby paying attention to what you wanted. 😉

    • Stephanie May 13, 2015 at 2:03 PM

      Thanks Molly That is so sweet! We had a great time and he definitely earned brownie points for that one!!


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