My Ifchic24 wish list.


Hi there friends! Happy Thursday! And Just think in a few days it will be another #ifchic24. So what will you get? Have you been getting your coins? I posted my last #ifchic24 list here and I got the KYE bee shirt as well as a cute Mohzy bag or two. Well, it is time for another list as in 2 days it will be that glorious time again! And this time I even have a collage for the guys. OK, so another thing. Not sure if there will be a fashion post today or Friday. I completely screwed up my feet when I went without socks which you can see that outfit post in this little linkydoo. I tried to get some pictures for today from Wednesday and NOPE I got rained on. And I was still being a ding dong and went for another 3 mile walk, but tiny child was having a rough day and it made him happy. Sometimes we have to do stuff like that, and it was not raining when we initially left. NOPE it rained horribly when we were halfway through. Anyways, my feet have the worst time right now and I am trying to rest them before Saturday because that is ELSA time and we have a block party to go to! So, there may just be a few beauty product reviews. And wishy lists like this one below. My poor feet.

ifchic 24

Oh my gosh so many cute things! And all within that lovely $189 mark or just a bit over. I am really wanting that skirt with the lace. SO CUTE. And pretty much everything I put on this list of mine would make incredible outfits! I love it so much!

And for the guys!

Untitled design (3)

I am really thinking Ifchic needs to step up the menswear game. There isn’t a whole lot to choose from and some guys would like some goodies from Ifchic. They need to get that together and make them happy too!It was slim pickings for the guys, sorry lads.

OK! And really quick if you haven’t read my previous post about how Ifchic works, Every day you log on to ifchic and collect coins by “window shopping” on their online site. Each day you are allotted a total of 3 coins which equals to $6 USD. You can collect these starting on the 25th of every month and use them to buy things on the 24th of every month on Ifchic. For their #ifchic24, hence the name. You can get some really cool things and only pay a little bit of money. NOW there is a word of caution with this, if you have more that ONE person shopping at home there may be an issue. Say if you and your SO  are both shopping with ifchic and use the same card, address, or IP address you may get a note via email from Ifchic saying NO no no no no, you can not do that. You must prove you are separate people. So one person would have to send their id proving identity. OR both people. It is because ifchic wants to make sure EVERYONE gets a chance to take advantage of this wonderful program and they are in a sense protecting themselves. And making sure people are not cheatsie doodling the system. Just a warning. Other than that shop away, the products are amazing and you can get some marvelous pieces!


I am being so indecisive again, What would you pick? Have you gotten anything from Ifchic?


  • Gabrielle October 22, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    The black cage pencil skirt is so glamorous – I can imagine how good that would look with a pair of skyhigh stiletto heels!!

    • Stephanie October 22, 2015 at 1:38 PM

      Ahhh great minds think alike!!!


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